Spring Supplement 2018
Spring Supplement 2018

Welcome to the first releases of 2018!

The Ocee class of 2018 includes complete new furniture ranges as well as additions to old favourites. In fact, we have so many exciting new additions for 2018 that we are only revealing a small taster in this supplement. Throughout the year we will be showcasing the creative talents of our British and Scandinavian designers in a series of new product launches.

We have continued our investment in workplace research, to create beautiful, unique and innovative furniture to provide smart, relevant products. We believe that the furniture we design and the spaces we fill should enrich and inspire the lives of the organisations and individuals that use them. That everybody should be able to work, learn, meet or be entertained in the most beautiful, comfortable, creative and productive places.

Please get in touch if you'd like us to send you a copy - 01604 674674 or email us at sales@oceedesign.com

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