Furniture Graduation Show Design Awards

This Year’s Creative Degree show at Sheffield Hallam Institute of Art and Design was full of creative new talent. The Product/ Furniture course featured a broad range of objects that are both future thinking and innovative. The huge body of work by all student was commendable and had much to admire.

There were a few stand out pieces that pushed the boundaries of model making and design.

↓ GIRO ↓

Harry Levell created a virtual reality rocking chair (GIRO) that has a potential to be used in the commercial market; the design inspires movement when using a virtual reality headset. This product clearly investigates a future trend.


↓ 200FIFTY6 ↓

Ocee Design’s representative at the event, Roger McGrory took interest in Callum Grant’s Chair(200FIFTY6), the Industrial inspired aesthetic and use of raw materials gave the chair an interesting look; its construction allows for a variance in the specification with a possible 256 standard configurations. After speaking with Callum about his project, Roger then awarded him the Contract Furniture Award.


↓ Fluctuare ↓

Fluctuare by Beatrix Bray was also a standout piece for its attention to detail and craftsmanship. Hand carved Sycamore tiles lay on a solid walnut frame. The grid system opens for individual interpretation, a design which acknowledges and embraces change. “A speculative look at human interaction.”


This year’s Creative Degree Show confirms that the constant exploration into new fields of design, produces promising and exciting results for the future generation of “users”.

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