Ocee products now in OFML on pCon Update

Ocee is pleased to announce that OFML is now available on the Four® collection & Fabricks through pCon.Update.

OFML provides uncomplicated room planning, 3D products configuration with the creation of a detailed quotation.

The OFML (Office Furniture Modelling Language) data standard is the basis of all pCon products. It enables the creation, automatized distribution and processing of product data throughout the whole process of configuration, quotation and presentation. OFML is a standard that's always evolving, proven in different industries such as office and home furniture, healthcare solutions, industrial shelves, etc.

Current OFML Products:

• Four Cast

• Four Sure

• Four Me

• Four Us

• Innopod

• Four Real

• Four Standing

• Four Eating

• Four Resting

• Four Mat

• Fabricks

Soft Seating and the Den range to follow soon

About OFML pCon.Update

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