Four® Design to introduce Ocee products at Orgatec

Following the acquisition of Four® Design by Ocee International, Orgatec will see the first introduction of a select range of Ocee Design products to the Four® family portfolio.

The Ocee team will be at Orgatec to help Four® Design launch Ocee favourites, such as the Harc tub chairs, Den acoustic workstations and the new Fabricks™ super acoustic bricks. The Ocee products have been chosen as they echo Four® Design’s belief in creating innovative products to provide a better working environment.

Ocee & Four at Orgatec

Orgatec will also be the launch of the new Four®Us sofas and Four®Wall Pods by Anders Nørgaard, and a new wooden twist and stunning monochrome finish to the classic Four®Sure chairs.

Four® Design aim to show us how the Four® family can be adapted to any environment, and how customers can easily make the furniture their own by choosing colours, fabrics and extra features. The new Four®Sure Wood has been created to add a more casual and warm character to the Four® Design furniture families, bringing a comfortable feeling of ‘home’ to the work environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to stand A071 in hall 06.1 at Orgatec, to join our celebration of the very best of Scandinavian and British design.

Ocee Orgatec

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