NEW Products May 2018
Learn about all of the new products released on the 1st May 2018
Join us at #CDW2018
A new RIBA talks series - A creative journey - A virtual experience - And some great new furniture... Join us in the Ocee Design Showroom, 20 Old Street, at CDW 2018 (May 22nd – 24th) for a totally packed schedule of events. ‚Äč
Introducing Hilly!
Hilly is perfect for so many places, from schools to waiting rooms, students’ unions to office breakout areas, libraries to play zones. It’s durable, affordable and flexible. With 22 modular pieces, you can build and reconfigure Hilly to create your ideal layout.
Spring Supplement
The Ocee class of 2018 includes complete new furniture ranges as well as additions to old favourites. In fact, we have so many exciting new additions for 2018 that we are only revealing a small taster in this supplement.
Out with the old... to make way for the new
Our R&D team are constantly working on new product ranges and extensions to our existing products. To make way for some of our exciting new products we will be discontinuing some of our older lines from May 2018.
Introducing Absolute!
With its distinctive curved back and stylish detailing, the Absolute Task Chair is the exciting new addition to our range. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, Absolute has all the options to suit your needs.
Fabricks™ new superpowers!
Fabricks™ has certainly captured everyone’s imagination since its launch last year. The super acoustic bricks are popping up everywhere from open plan offices to university libraries. Fabricks™ has even been winning awards!
FX Award shortlist for Ocee’s Patternistas Fabric
The Patternistas have created a new exciting range of patterned contract upholstery fabrics exclusively for Ocee Design furniture...and it's up for an AWARD!
The LILLEBEALT buildings by Henning Larsen Architects will accommodate 3,000 students over 20,000 m2, and contain a variety of versatile spaces and environments to enhance social and learning interactions.
Ocee Magazine Issue 1
We introduce new products and Ocee incentives in our new Ocee Magazine
Install with Amarelle
Introducing Anders Norgaard - Designer of our new FourUs Collection
With the introduction of his Four®Us and Inno®Pod range, we thought it was time to delve into the world of Danish designer Anders Nørgaard to understand inspiration behind his products and discover his resonance within Scandinavian design.
Four New Products
This year’s Clerkenwell Design week saw the launch of a brilliant new modular zoning system from Four Design.
5-10 products in 5-10 days
From modular sofas to stools, hight tables to low tables, we have a selection of products that can be with you in just 5-10 working days.
Love FourCast Adore FourCast2
Here at Ocee design we believe in constant innovation. Even with a great products we always keep searching for improvements. The new improved Four®Cast2 will be available from March.
New Year New Installations
We've already had a brilliant and busy start to 2016, with lots of installations, with lots of great customers. Here are some of the highlights of 2016 so far…
Four Collection RinR
Imagine furniture that creates a private space that can be stacked, folded and moved around the room.

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