Love FourCast Adore FourCast2

Here at Ocee design we believe in constant innovation. Even with a great products we always keep searching for improvements. Four®Cast2 has all the same fantastic features of the original FourCast design, including the ergonomic V-shaped back, flexible shell and range of accessories.

There are just a few extras…


The larger shell design makes the Four®Cast2 even more comfortable.


With its improved frame & structure the Four®Cast2 is even more durable.


The new Teflon Glides reduce noise when the chair is moved.


With fewer parts, the Four®Cast2 is lighter and easier to manoeuvre.


With the new construction method the need for a cross bar is removed, so the design is even cleaner.

Better for the Environment

With less parts and no screw fixings the construction makes end of life recycling easier and more effective.

And all this innovation with no extra cost!

We know that you love the original FourCast but wait until you see Four®Cast2.

The new Four®Cast2 will be available from March so contact us at to find out more.

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