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Our winter supplement is full of stunning new products from our Scandinavian designers. From beautiful wooden benches to complete private workspaces, the new products facilitate the four key tasks of collaborating, focussing, socialising and learning.

Each product is supported with a full pack of resources including: BIM/Revit, SketchUp and CAD files, as well as technical data and new photography.

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FourSure® Wood

The FourSure® collection with a wooden frame takes beautiful traditional materials and crafts them into clean Scandinavian lines. The collection is available in three different heights, a range of upholstery options and with all of the popular FourSure® shell colours.

FourSure® 44 Wood FourSure® 90 Wood FourSure® 105 Wood

FourReal® Wood

The FourReal®Wood is new to the already popular FourReal® collection. The folding table with oak legs is a multifunctional table available in 74 and 90 heights. Optional extras can be added to solve specific needs in canteen or open plan layouts.

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FourReal® A

FourReal®A is a clever, multi-purpose space-saving solution for all types of environments. The FourReal®A table is the perfect platform for collaborating, socialising, learning and focussing activities. By using the A-frame to hang lighting, plants, or your own accessories, you can create an attractive, comfortable and inspirational space for dining, collaborating or solo work.

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The new Four®Stool collection takes it shape from the bended oak seat. Available with oak or steel legs, a range of upholstery options and three different heights, the Four®Stool collection can suite with all of our other Four® families.

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Four®Seat Benches

Perfect for creating a mix of seating styles, the new Four®Seat Bench collection is designed with a bent oak seat. The collection is available with oak or steel legs, a range of upholstery options and three different lengths.

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FourUs® Work

The FourUs®Work Booth serves as a multi-purpose space and is designed to provide privacy and flexibility in the workspace. With the combination of a table, chair and soft seating, the FourUs®Work Booth facilitates both collaborative and focused activities. The upholstered sides provide both a visual and acoustic barrier, and the cleverly designed pivot table facilitates easy access. Accessories include: shelves, a coat rack, wipeboard and AV provision.

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