New Designers 2018

New Designers gathers more than 3,000 of the brightest and most radical new creative minds under one roof to launch the next generation of thinkers, makers and disruptors onto the UK design scene.

Upon arrival of my first New Designers visit, I was a little sceptical of how the event actually gave students a helping hand at the start of many creative industry careers. However shortly after I realised the impact companies gave the students. Big brand names such as John Lewis, Sainsburys, and Allermuir all gave awards and recognition for projects that they considered exceptional.

Elia by Joe Parker (Sainsburys/ Argo's home young designer) was designed and developed over a years timeline. It was created in-time for a predicted furniture trend of urban escape living. A contemporary sofa with a mid-century flair, Elias' versatility makes it perfect for a living-room or home office.

The BioCane Spoon was about the use of biodegradable materials and its uses and limits. BioCane looks at an alternative to plastics such as sugar, starch, gelatine, event to the extent of using home-grown bacteria as an alternative material. This project has really explored every possibility.

Here are a few of my picks from the show:

The CNC Armchair by Andrew Hamilton was first to catch my attention for its attention to detail in its use of wood joints and manufacture. It was designed in a response to the change in relationship with CAM and traditional craftsmanship and the sensitivity of how a product is manufactured.

Th GC18 coffee table range by David Knowles was inspired by Giants Causeway, the table mimics the ancient basalt columns, the staggered hexagons create a unique surface that hasn’t been seen before in the furniture industry.

The Caerphilly Chair by Fraser Smith pays homage to traditional Welsh stick chairs. This Contemporary impression of the Welsh stick chair is handcrafted from Solid Oak sourced Ruperra forest in south Wales. It also has 100% Welsh wool upholstered Seatpad, woven using traditional processes. A product which embraces traditional methods but has been designed to suit the modern market.

A very unusual range was from Julliette Douglas. Stools that were upholstered from found gloves, and came complete with a storybook of where in the UK the gloves were found, an interesting way to make a product unique.

Ooze by Finley Osborne is based around giving worth to unwanted objects. Unusually shaped lumps come from the waste plastic that is produced during the injection moulding process, due to this waste been made of mixed colours it is usually discarded and sent to landfill. This is that waste plastic used for an alternative purpose.

Written by Will Hudson

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