What do you get when you combine perfection in architecture with innovating learning facilities?

The LILLEBEALT buildings by Henning Larsen Architects will accommodate 3,000 students over 20,000 m2, and contain a variety of versatile spaces and environments to enhance social and learning interactions.

The building has been designed to strengthen the synergy between learning environments and physical surroundings.

Installations and concrete solutions provide students with the opportunity to work and experiment with materials utilized in the real world. The students will play a key role in the operating of sustainability systems on the campus, including the solar cell solutions, to gain a clear understanding of how the systems work in practice.

Products we included in the project:

Four®Real Tables, Room in Room, Four®Sure Chairs, (Inno®Note), (Inno®Tab), Inno®Pod, Four®Us Sofas, Four®Us Wallpod, Four®Eating, Four®Mat, Four®Meeting, Four®Resting, Four®Cast’2 Chairs, Inno®Lounge

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