Knowledge Resources

Whether it is how to set up your perfect workstation, or videos on desk based exercises to improve your wellbeing, we have a library of easy-to-access instructional materials.

We aim to remove the myths around ergonomics and particularly acoustics, to give our customers the best advice available.

Papers and Articles

Workstation set-up checklist

This checklist is to assist you in setting up your workstation in line with basic ergonomic principles.

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The impact of physical environments on employee wellbeing – topic overview

This report titled 'Physical Environments and Employee Wellbeing' was commissioned by Public Health England' in 2015, with the aim of exploring issues around health, work and unemployment.

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Accident and Ill-Health Statistics in the UK 2014/2015

Expert Comments provided by Zaheer Osman, Senior Ergonomist

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ABCD Acoustics

An insight into the importance of acoustic planning in working environments.

Simple exercises for the office

A guide to simple exercises that you can do at your desk to help your health and wellbeing. Designed by a leading physiotherapist as part of the Ocee Ergonomics programme.

The importance of movement to our health and wellbeing

An experts guide to the importance of movement to our health and wellbeing. This video has been specially created for those working in offices or whose jobs involve being seated for long periods of time.

Importance of posture

Ocee Ergonomics: A brief guide to the importance of good posture to your health and wellbeing. Expert advice from independent ergonomists.

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