Happy Birthday Den!

It is two years since we launched Den and we are celebrating with some new additions.

Den Booth now has the option of a Linak electronically controlled sit/stand function. Agile or touchdown work areas are rarely equipped with the ergonomic advantages of designated desking. Den's new sit/stand function offers the proven benefits of changing your working position to aid health and well being. You can have a single booth or build a bank of Den stations.

For those times when you want some privacy we have the new Den Diner with canopy. Perfect for meetings or quiet areas, the new canopy offers greater visual and acoustic privacy.

Our Den Team has enjoyed helping clients design and build Dens to fit in lots of different environments. There are now Den’s in universities, libraries, offices and schools.

Den is totally flexible; it's unique junction system allows components to be shared, unlike other systems which extend configurations by placing stand-alone units back to back. You can reconfigure the units and we can create specials to fit your exact needs.

To help the planning process we have now got BIM/Revit, SketchUp and 2D and 3D CAD blocks ready for you to use.

There's loads of options, so start Den building!

Den Overview Den Sit Stand Booth Den Diner w/ Canopy BIM/Revit CAD SketchUp

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