Four NEW Products

This year’s Clerkenwell Design week saw the launch of a brilliant new modular zoning system from Four Design.


Four®US is everything from a classic sofa to an innovative modular zoning system. It creates a touchdown workplace with the best conditions for interacting. With Four®US you get a space with better acoustic and aesthetic design. Four®US has been created by award winning designer Anders Nørgaard. It is visionary, modern and it provides a flexible and dynamic solution that invites you in. The clean Scandinavian design can be showcased in a wide variety of fabric combinations.

Four®Us Wall

Four®US Wall gives you the opportunity to exploit every square foot of space by creating work areas on underutilised walls. Whether you need a comfy spot for a coffee break or a practical work facility, Four®US Wall is the perfect solution for a touchdown area. The design is invitingly shaped to bring you comfort and privacy so that you can sit or stand undistracted.

For more information about FourUs and FourUs Wall please click links below:

Four®Us Four®Us Wall

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