Four Sure Developments - FourSure 11 & 99

FourSure 99

Four®Sure 11 and Four®Sure 99 are conference chairs, designed for maximum comfort, incorporating ergonomic support thanks to the unique V-shaped back design, flexible shell and integrated tilt mechanism.

Both have been proven as extremely durable under rigorous international testing, passing with flying colours. The seat design is complimented by a heavier structural base on the Four®Sure 99, and a lighter structural base on the Four®Sure 11. Whilst the former follows a more classical office chair design, the latter holds a more svelte silhouette.

The differences offer a choice to suit a particular interior. The unique design makes either the evident choice for a number of purposes and functions. They both offer many combinations, including armrests, wood or polyamide shells, turnable base, and fully upholstered shells. It is ideal for many environments including conference centres, educational establishments and offices.

FourSure 11

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