Multipurpose Furniture Solutions in
Present-Day Canteens

We all know that nothing brings people together, like good food. So does a well thought out canteen. The present-day canteen has to accommodate different needs and functions throughout the day, which require adaptable multipurpose furniture solutions.

Luckily, that is what we do—multipurpose furniture solutions.

The canteen spaces need to evolve as people drift in and out during work hours.

Whether it’s just for a coffee or a bite to eat, impromptu meetings, after work socialising or a break from the hub of the office, now more than ever.

We call them Fluid Spaces.

Fluid Explained

01 Room Level

We help create multipurpose spaces that support:

  • A fluid approach to work environments focusing on a compact footprint
  • Full utilisation of space, and wellbeing.

02 Product Level

Our products are designed with human interaction in mind. They encourage:

  • Positive interactions
  • They connect and bridge furniture families for a coherent aesthetic design language.
  • Maintainability is key—Stackability, movability, truckability.

03 Individual Level

Value for money:

  • Maintainability and function enable value for money on an individual level.
  • A sense of autonomy and control of your own space.
  • Furniture that can be managed by one person.
  • Cleaning friendliness.


Let's bring 'hygge' to the table

A variation of tables in the canteen creates both zoning and a coffee shop look. A coffee shop look and comfy soft seating will soften any canteen space and entice both engaging conversations and a ‘hyggelig’ work lunch.

Being able to make swift changes to the layout of the canteen to accommodate different situations is vital. Therefore, our advice is:

  • Zoning and variation is key
  • Create a home or coffee shop vibe that offers a multifunctioning space
  • Bring a narrative to the layout which supports your brand ethos while covering shifting priorities during the workday
  • Design with the community at the heart of the space

When function meets design

Is the FourSure chair easy to stack, store and maintain? Certainly. Without a doubt. Definitely. Four Sure.

Learn more about the V-shaped stacker


The canteen should beat not only to the rhythm of the organisation but also to the heart of the employees, stakeholders, and collaborative

partners. All hours. All day. Not just between 11-13. Create a vibrant space which is more than meets the eye. A space to eat, thrive AND meet.

Convert your canteen to private meeting rooms with multifunctional furniture. Two birds and one stone springs to mind.

Full utilisation of space

FourLikes™ family is a truly multifunctional modular soft seating system. Fit to get the very best out of the built environment, the system encapsulates a variety of modules adaptable for different spaces and needs.
Like meetings in the canteen.

Learn more about FourLikes® family


We want furniture solutions which encourage social interactions in a relaxed atmosphere with a homely and cosy feel.

  • From lunch to touch down
  • From coffee break to chance encounters
  • From a conference setting to after-work staff partying.

A shared communal space which breaks down social barriers, induces mutual trust, relationship building and a robust cultural platform.

Conversation Starter

FourReal®A is a true Pièces de résistance in any communal space. This table simply draws you in. Into engaging conversation, into contemplation or into a feeling of being safe and sound.

Learn more about FourReal®A tables


With our busy lives, we rarely give our brains time to rest. We are so used to being busy, while calm and being still is new. When cultivating calm and time for reflection, we might find space for more contentment and happiness in life; Bringing out the best in people – brings out the best ideas.

Room for

  • Powering down
  • Reflection
  • A small coffee break

A soft place to land

FourUs® is everything from a classic sofa to an innovative modular zoning system. It creates a touchdown workplace with the best conditions for interacting.

  • Better acoustics
  • Aesthetic design
  • Power & Data options
  • Compact footprint
Learn more about FourUs®

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