Fabricks™ new superpowers!

Fabricks™ has certainly captured everyone’s imagination since its launch last year. The super acoustic bricks are popping up everywhere from open plan offices to university libraries. Fabricks™ has even been winning awards!

The 'house brick' style gives interlocking rigidity to the design, and the 3D brick options provide a beautiful textured finish. The extruded aluminium posts also accommodate power and data cables and can be combined retrospectively to alter the height of the wall. Fabricks™ offer great acoustic and visual privacy without building permanent floor to ceiling walls.


Invisibility ↓

Fabricks™ Windows seamlessly integrate with your current Fabricks™ walls to increase light flow throughout the office.

An easy and inexpensive new addition to your working environment, the new windows maintain the acoustic effectiveness of your Fabricks™ wall.

Super Speed ↓

The new system combines the functionality of the Fabricks™ with castors to create a truly agile, portable acoustic wall.

New brick types

New Fabricks block types
New Fabricks block types

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