Traditional vs
Innovative Classroom

BELONG /bɪˈlɒŋ/ verb
to feel happy or comfortable in a situation

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Designing a learning space where everyone feels a sense of belonging, requires full utilisation of space. Full use of space means the space and its contents are always evolving as students drift in and out. Being able to make swift changes to the layout of the classroom to accommodate different learning styles and situations is vital.

  • Innovative learning environments
  • Traditional seating
  • Flexible and adaptive learning spaces
  • Spaces for relaxation and contemplation
  • Design solutions which express your brand identity

Group work made easy

Inno®Tab takes learning comfort and flexibility to a higher level. We designed this writing tablet for collaborative learning. We wanted to minimise the time going from lecture to group learning. With the Inno®Tab, you do not need to move tables and chairs around in the classroom. You swing round, face your classmates, start working and discussing.

For the swift switch

From lecture-mode to collaborative space in seconds


  • Fits models in the FourCast®2, FourSure® & FourMe® chair ranges + the soft seating ranges Harc Tub & FourUs®
  • Integrated smart-triggered cup holder + easy flip-top function
  • Efficient & space-saving dimensions (520×300 mm)

Our chair families

  • 3 shell shapes and 12 base styles
  • Wide range of upholstery, finish & accessory options
  • Designed for optimum storage, cleaning and handling

Gas lift your spirit and avoid that sinking feeling

FourSure® + footrest

The optional footrest with height adjustable seat enables a flexible ergonomic solution for all users.

FourReal® tables

  • Various heights and dimensions
  • Designed & built for optimum durability,
  • handling, storage & maintenance
  • Wide range of accessories and options available

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Working with educators, facility managers and students, Ocee Design has produced a collection of products to create the inspired, interactive and indestructible spaces educational institutions require. Multipurpose learning environments.

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