Breakout Space

INFORMAL /ɪnbɪˈtwiːn/ adjective
1. Situated somewhere between two extremes or categories; intermediate.

It’s been decades since studying was constrained to traditional ways of interacting with furniture. Today, students find creative and more relaxed ways of using furniture. They use chairs as footrests, sit on tabletops, lounge in soft seating and drag furniture across the room whenever in need of a place to hang out in between lectures, study group or inter curricular activities. Lounge seating around the campus increases productivity, while at the same time enabling a soft place to land and bounce back from that early morning exam.

Time for reflection. Time to get your head down. Time to study. Time for Netflixing with a textbook open.

A soft place to land after that morning exam

FourLikes® family is a truly multifunctional modular soft seating system. Fit to get the very best out of the built environment, the system encapsulates a variety of modules adaptable for different spaces and needs. Utilising underused areas and transforming them into active, meaningful spaces. The family offers everything from the ideal work seating height to acoustic and visual privacy. Movability and flexibility. The possibilities are endless.

Designed by Nørgaard Design

Create the perfect power spot with RoomInRoom


  • Partition panel fits FourReal® range
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Acoustic panel option in your choice of upholstery
  • Various finish options


  • Extensive range in different shapes and dimensions available in height: 740, 900 and 1050 mm
  • Foldable and easy to handle, store and maintain
  • Integrated castors in front legs
  • Chair & bench suspension options

Kite fold-down nesting table; Fold. Move and Store. It is not rocket science, but very handy.


  • 750mm of individual workspace with clear line of sight to lecturer and other participants
  • Optional wheels
  • Easy to fold, move and store without any heavy lifting or the need of a trolley
  • Super-efficient compact nesting
  • Four sided under frame provides exceptional strength and durability
  • Modesty panels, power and data connectivity and cable management fitted without compromising folding function

For you. For me. For groups. Four Us.

FourUs® booths

  • Part of extensive modular sytem
  • Compact footprint
  • Efficient seating layout with ideal working height
  • Private working areas with acoustic and visual privacy
  • Very facility friendly; designed for optimised cleaning
  • Endless upholstery options
  • Power and data options
  • Pivoting table that effortlessly moves both horizontally and vertically

Design by Nørgaard Design

Create a warm and welcoming space for business partners, external lecturers or colleagues visiting from across campus.

The perfect place for in-between coffee or tea

The Giggle chair and table family has a way of winning you over with its light and airy look and feel. Simply smiling at you this range is the perfect solution for those underused areas. The Giggle crossover skid frame table is designed to complement our ever popular Giggle chairs. The melamine faced MDF tops can be selected in either white, walnut, beech, maple or oak.

  • Exceptional support and comfort
  • White, walnut, beech, maple or oak chamfered MF MDF table-tops
  • Choice of sledge, crossover skid, four legged fixed and four-legged auto- return polished chrome frames
  • Available in fabric, leather and vinyl, with two-tone options on both seat and back
  • 5 year warranty
  • 100% recyclable

Upholstered Personality

The Dishy chair and sofa offer a stylish solution to any environment. High or low-backed lounge chairs boast a selection of bases from the wooden frame, to swivel or four-legged bases in chrome and powder coated steel. The generous seat and premium quality 42 Dish Dishy offers a round top, four-star base foam provide a high level of comfort. and two four-legged oval tables with either wood, chrome or white powder coated legs.

The Hilly family

  • 22 modular pieces including straight and curved options
  • Hilly booth with table
  • High back and low back options
  • Armchair and sofa
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Two-tone options
  • Fully webbed seat for optimum comfort
  • Power and data options


  • Tub chair with compact footprint and generously proportioned seat
  • Available in fabric and vinyl, with two- tone options
  • Ball foot brushed chrome and polished chrome leg options
  • CMHR foam

A comfortable spot hard to leave

HenRay is a sharp and stylish range of soft seating created by our in-house designer. High back units offer comfort and privacy and suite perfectly with low back seating, benches and tables. Curved modules and booths complete the extensive collection to create large landscape configurations ideal for meeting, study or public spaces around campus.

  • 30 straight and curved modular high and low back units
  • Fully webbed seat for optimum comfort
  • HenRay Booth options for two, four and six people
  • Modular units can create large landscapes or small informal meeting areas
  • Two-tone options
  • Aluminium, white or black powder coated legs
  • Booth table units with leg and top options
  • TV bracket, power and data options

Artistic soundscapes

Create your own acoustic configuration with the new Positive Sound Tessellate collection from Ocee Design. With seven shapes, different depth options and extensive fabric and colour choices, Positive Sound Tessellate is a bright and flexible acoustic panel system. The Positive Sound Tessellate acoustic panels have been tested to Class A absorption, meaning they are highly efficient at absorbing sound across a wide range of frequencies.

When the talk gets going...

The noise gets going. Too much noise can put a dampener on student productivity and wellbeing. However, choosing the correct acoustic solution helps.

We offer an extensive range of acoustic solutions from the innovative, flexible FabricksTM super acoustic bricks, to the extensive Snowsound® acoustic panel collection; all backed by a full assessment service.

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