Welcome to the Botanical Collection...

We're excited to share our latest wave of development into the Puzzle panel range with four new design sets and a whopping 13 designs!

Meet Wisteria, Allium, Wildflower & Bamboo.

Puzzle's new designs and a refreshed assortment of colours form the latest and greatest way to divide space and effortlessly make your spaces look great.

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Wisteria's wonderful bunches of hanging flowers form the first botanical-inspired design by Ocee’s product design intern, Polly Leeman.


Allium takes inspiration from the beautiful spherical flowers and thick stems of the Allium plant.


The Wildflowers design prominently features the Foxglove's calm draped flowers.

One of the designs even features a buzzy little friend!


Bamboo's towering stalks surround your space from the sea of everyday commotion.

If you would like to enquire into the range, you can contact our specialists at sales@oceedesign or 01604 674674.

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