Positive Sound

Developing Positive Sound

For many years we have been promoting the benefits of good acoustics. We have worked with leading acoustic experts, offered a great product range and provided acoustic RIBA accredited training to hundreds and hundreds of architects, dealers and end users. But we wanted moreā€¦

Lady talking on a phone in a room utilising Ocee Acoustic products to prevent ambient noise from other employees
Co-workers communicating in a room featuring Ocee Acoustic wall panels

A good acoustic environment can improve effective interaction, create a positive setting and aid wellbeing. Poor acoustics reduces productivity, hinders enjoyment and increases stress - acoustics is about emotion.

We have been on a development journey to create a new positive and comprehensive acoustic solution.

Our Process

A history of working with experts to educate the market

Using our knowledge to create a detailed wish list

Staying true to our design principles

Working with leading designers and acousticians

Create a collection that is easy to specify

Offering 100% recycled products

Increasing the colour and fabric choices

Expanding customer choice

Providing better value for money

Creating a simple installation system

Providing fully tested products

Presenting a comprehensive package of acoustic solutions for every working area

Developing Positive Sound

We wanted to create a new type of acoustic package that:

  • Was more effective
  • Followed our design principles of People. Place. Purpose.
  • Offered more fabrics and more colour choices
  • Had more shape and style options
  • Provided better value for money
  • Was more environmental with higher recycled content
  • Was simple to understand and easy to specify
  • Was quick and easy to install
  • Was a comprehensive solution to facilitate good acoustics in all styles of working environments.
Office lobby area featuring Ocee Acoustic wall mounted panels

Acoustics is About Emotion


Sound impacts on whether people have a negative or positive association with a space. A positive soundscape improves our effectiveness, aids our wellbeing and increases our enjoyment of a space. A negative acoustic environment inhibits our productivity, reduces our comfort and increase stress.


We must consider the place and its function to create an appropriate acoustic solution. Equally, the acoustic products should enhance the palette of the interior designer and not restrict the visual integrity of the scheme.


We can accept different soundscapes if they are appropriate to the task: the buzz of a breakout canteen encourages us to socialise and relax, whereas the same noise level would be disruptive in an office work area. The acoustics of an environment have to be appropriate to the purpose of the area.


Class A

Full testing documentation

Clearly presented technical data


More choice

More shapes for endless configurations

Over 100 different colours available


Acoustics solutions specifically designed for different functions and areas.


Superior acoustic properties means less product is required for optimum results.


More support for specification

Free space planning

Education programmes


Advice from highly qualified acousticians

4 weekly delivery times


100% recycled content

 Simple to specify and install

New adjustable fixing system

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